Gallium Oxide


CAS: 12024-21-4
Gallium sesquioxide
Gallium (III) oxide
Gallium (III) trioxide

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Gallium oxide is the common term for gallium sesquioxide, or (Ga2O3). It is a white powder that consists of rod shaped crystals, with the β-phase being the dominant crystalline phase. The Ga2O3 rods agglomerate into larger, secondary particles.

Gallium oxide is used in phosphors, cathodes for solid oxide fuel cells, piezo-electric crystals, GGG crystals (gallium gadolinium garnets), and, most recently, in sputtering targets for GIZO or IGZO materials. These sputtering targets consist of gallium, indium, zinc, and oxide. GIZO or IGZO is the most attractive material for the flat panel component industry regarding emerging OLED displays, as it provides superior mobility for the thin film transistors that control the display pixels.

The small quantity version offered on this page is a 4N purity product. Please contact us directly if you want to discuss specific needs or need larger quantities.



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White Powder



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