Gallium is a crucial material for building compound semiconductor devices. To form epitaxial GaN layers chemical vapor deposition (CVD) techniques are typically used, and the CVD gallium precursor (trimethyl-gallium) is typically made from high purity gallium trichloride.
Gallium oxide is needed for sputtering targets that consist of indium, gallium, and zinc oxides. The IGZO or GIZO sputtering targets are used in next generation displays, where high currents and pixel densities make it necessary to use ever higher performing materials. The GIZO material offers the right properties to deposit high mobility active channels for the thin film transistors in the display’s active matrix backplane.
Gallium acetylacetonate is a useful precursor for growing highly pure and uniform Gallium Oxide thin films on substrates like glass and silicon. Gallium acetylacetonate can be used to produce gallium sulfide, gallium arsenide (GaAs), gallium phosphide (GaP) and gallium indium phosphide (GaInP) quantum dots.

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    Gallium Oxide

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