Soldering to Gold Research Kit


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Gold scavenging is a well-proven consequence of using tin-based solders on gold metallizations. Scavenging rapidly dissolves large quantities of gold during the solder reflow process and can lead to complete and irreparable destruction of gold conduction patterns. Tin-based alloy scavenging can completely destroy a thick-film gold layer in less than 30 seconds.

Indium-lead solders cause appreciably less scavenging and are satisfactory for use on gold films thicker than 1 micron. Gold is essentially insoluble in indium.

This kit contains 3 different solid (no flux core), 0.76mm (0.030″) diameter, indium-based solder wires. These Pb-containing and Pb-free alloys reflow at temperatures ranging from 143°C to 310°C.

Soldering to Gold Kit Alloy Description:
· Indalloy #2 – 80In 15Pb 5Ag
· Indalloy #4 – 99.99In
· Indalloy #7 – 50In 50Pb
· Indalloy #164 – 92.5Pb 5.0In 2.5Ag
· Indalloy #204 – 70In 30Pb
· Indalloy #205 – 60In 40Pb
· Indalloy #290 – 97In 3Ag

Weight 0.453592 kg
Dimensions 34.29 × 25.4 × 8.89 cm
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