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NC-771 is a halogen-free, low-residue, all-purpose liquid flux that passes the SIR test in the un-reflowed state. It can be used in a standard Sn/Pb or Pb-free rework or soldering process. In addition to the aesthetic benefits, the ultra-low post reflow residue is non-tacky and will not interfere with probe testing.

NC-771 is a multi-purpose flux that can be used in an SMT rework process or almost any soldering application that requires the addition of a liquid flux. Typical application methods include a flux pen that allows you to apply a precise amount of flux to the solder joint. It can also be sprayed on for use in a selective soldering process or dispensed out a flux bottle. Care should be taken not to flood the solder joint and to apply the flux only to areas that will be exposed to complete heating from the solder iron or rework tool. NC-771 is designed for no-clean applications. However, the flux can be removed if necessary by using a commercially available flux remover.

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