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A unique kit intended to quickly allow designers and engineers to evaluate the most widely used Liquid Metal compositions used in todays electronics for thermal management. Our liquid metals are designed for the most demanding applications that require extremely low thermal resistance.  Always RoHS compliant, composed of Indium, Gallium, Tin and Zinc, these high performance LMs are design for high volume deposition methods such as jetting and dispensing. Kit includes everything needed to apply and clean the liquid metal from bare dies and IHS, cold plates or heat-sinks.

AVOID! Aluminum should not be used in association with liquid metals. Even coated aluminum, if the coating is thin or scratched, can lead to catastrophic failure

Note: Liquid metal is also electrically conductive and could cause shorting if in contact with unintended circuitry.

Note: Indium Corporation recommends electroless nickel plated surfaces (>0.5um). Copper is acceptable, but thermal resistance will increase over time due to the solubility of LM alloys into Copper

IPN Indalloy® Number Composition When to choose
INGOTIA-06907 51E 66.5GA/20.5In/13Sn Lower melting point eutectic alloy best used in dispensing and printing applications
INGOTIA-051556 300E 78.6Ga/21.4In Highest thermal conductivity and best used for jetting applications
INGOTIA-051351 307 70Ga/20In/8Sn/2Zn Zn provides improved Thermal cycling performance

Kit contains:

  • 10 grams Indalloy 51E (INGOTIA-06907) 66.5GA/20.5In/13Sn
  • 10 grams Indalloy  300E (INGOTIA-051556) 78.6Ga/21.4In
  • 10 grams Indalloy 307 (INGOTIA-051351) 70Ga/20In/8Sn/2Zn
  • Ethyl Alcohol Wipes (62%)
  • Dispense Needle Tip and Swabs to apply material

This product contains hazardous materials so an additional hazardous shipping fee will be applied at checkout.

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Dimensions 34.29 × 25.4 × 8.89 cm
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