Indium6.6HF (Pb-free)


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Indium6.6HF is a versatile, water-soluble solder paste flux, formulated for air or nitrogen reflow. It is made with SAC305 and a Type 4 (88.5%) powder. It is capable of SnPb and Pb-free assembly processes with an exceptional reflow process window. This solder paste provides exceptional stencil printing performance, with long stencil life and excellent response-to-pause.

Indium6.6HF exhibits superior wetting to a variety of surface finishes and exhibits the best voiding performance, with fewest voids, reduced size of largest voids, and overall minimized voiding for BGAs, CSPs, and BTCs (QFNs, DPAKs, LGAs, etc.). It maintains tack over time and can be cleaned easily.

Product Document:

Indium6.6HF Product Data Sheet

Weight 0.453592 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 10 cm

SAC305 (88.5% Metal Load)

Flux Vehicle


Mesh Size

Type 4


500 grams/5oz Jar, 500 grams/6oz SEMCO Cartridge

Process Type

Water Soluble



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