Indium Foil on a Coil – 6 in. wide x 24 in. long


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We provide 99.99% pure Indium Foil in coil form on 6 inch diameter cardboard cores in 2 feet lengths. This material is in a bulk form with an unprocessed edge, which means it is not slit. It is available in short lead times.

Bulk Indium Ribbon can be used for many applications, but usually the end result is getting closer to the best solution in the form of a preform or engineered material.

Indium Foil can be cut in many ways, either with scissors or even with a cutting wheel, as shown. Indium Foil can also easily be hand punched, if you need to have holes.

Handling Indium Ribbon in a thin thickness can be tricky. It is a good idea to use gloves and try and support the material when picking it up or moving it to a work station. The material is also so soft that it will scratch very easily. If wrinkles are formed, it is easy to flatten them back out.

Foil on a coil is a value priced product with the intent to get foil in our customer hands as quickly as possible for experimentation and use. We guarantee 99.99% purity of elemental alloy composition. We do not provide certification of metal analysis or dimensional analysis. This can be provided for a fee, or you may contact us direct and speak to inside sales representative for a custom defined product, however, commercial lead times and minimum lot charges may apply for custom products. Foil on a coil can also be provided in longer continuous lengths, please inquire directly if this is something you are interested in at askus@indium.com.

Product Document:

Solder Ribbon and Foil

Weight 0.01725 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 10 cm

4 in.


24 in.


0.004 in., 0.006 in., 0.008 in., 0.010 in., 0.020 in.

Square Inches

96 in.

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