99.99% Indium Anode


*This item has a Maximum Quantity of 6 per order.

Quantity Per Item Price
1 $1,200.00
2-4 $1,000.00
5-6 $870.00
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These anodes will have a 7″ hook embedded into them. The hooks are made from Monel® alloy. They are shaped dimensionally true so the anode rod will hang straight.

Typical Indium Analysis 99.99%

Fe : 1-2
Ni : 2-6
Cu : 2-6
Cd : 5-10
Pb : 10-30
Sn : 10-25
Ti : 1-4

Analysis by OES

* Please note that these are typical ppm levels, and do not represent maximum, minimum, or lot specific levels.

If you have specific requirements for one or two elements, we would be pleased to review our ability to accommodate those requirements. Please submit a request for quotation, outlining your specific requirements.

Shipped quantities will be adjusted to best fit the specific ingot size available and may be more or less than the quantity ordered. Invoice will reflect the quantity shipped.

Weight 2.82 kg
Dimensions 30 × 10 × 1.25 cm

2.82 kg/Anode (approximate)


99.99% Indium


100 ppm

Unit of Measure

Each anode




11.75 in


4.00 in


0.50 in (approx.)

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