Indium Sulfamate Plating Bath Kit

bath research kit Electroplating indium onto various materials allows the evaluation of indium’s unique properties. For example, two metallic substrates can be electroplated with indium and subsequently bonded together simply by pressing the indium-plated surfaces together. This process utilizes the cold-welding property of indium.

The kit is also useful for plating indium onto small prototype parts prior to scale up. Plating can be performed on any properly prepared substrate metallization such as copper, brass, nickel, gold, tin, or mild steel. As with all electrodeposited metals, indium will not deposit onto high refractory metals such as chromium or tungsten. Stainless steel and aluminum metallizations must have special surface treatments prior to electroplating with any metal. Specific information on these surface treatments can be found in most electroplating textbooks.

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