High Purity Indium

High purity indium is used as the starting material in the manufacture of indium-based groups III-V such as:
These compound semiconductors find use in ultra-high efficiency photovoltaic solar cells infrared detectors, infrared LEDs and electronic switching applications where silicon-based devices are not suitable.

High purity indium is used as the starting material and reacted with Ga, P, Sb, etc. to produce polycrystalline In/Ga, In/P, In/Sb, etc. This polycrystalline compound is then grown into a single crystal using Czochralski, or Bridgeman single crystal growth techniques to produce a single-crystal boule. The boule is then sliced into wafers which are subsequently fabricated into individual semiconductor devices.

High purity indium is also used as the source material for semiconductor epitaxial layering using liquid phase, vapor phase or molecular beam epitaxy.

Grades available:
6N (99.9999%)
6N5 (99.99995%)
6N5WCI (99.99995+%)

Technical Customer Support

Indium Corporation’s internationally experienced engineers, material scientists and metallurgists provide in-depth technical assistance to our customers. Thoroughly knowledgeable on all aspects of material science and metallurgy as it pertains to indium metal, its uses and applications, our technical service staff is available to provide rapid response to all technical inquiries. We believe that our long-standing emphasis on providing our customers with superior technical service clearly differentiates Indium Corporation from our competitors.

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