Indium-Tin Alloy Bar – 91In 9Sn (1lb)


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Typical Indium Analysis 99.99%

Indium-tin alloys are useful where lower temperatures are required to protect heat-sensitive components and substrates. The indium-tin eutectic with a sharp melting point has excellent wettability on nonmetallic materials. It also has good low-temperature malleability and compensates for some difference in the coefficients of thermal expansion of dissimilar metals. The addition of either metal to the other increases the corrosion resistance of the resulting alloy.

If you have specific requirements for one or two elements, we would be pleased to review our ability to accommodate those requirements. Please submit a request for quotation, outlining your specific requirements.

Weight 0.453592 kg
Dimensions 34.29 × 25.4 × 8.89 cm

91In 9Sn


1 lb/Bar

Minimum Purity

100 ppm; 99.99% alloy purity

Unit of Measure





7/16" (approx)


7-1/16" (approx)

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